what are you so freakin' busy with?

I could be employed right now but I went back to school to be a student.
I could be financially self-sufficient right now but I stayed dependent on my parent's monetary provision.
I could be the type of person who wouldn't care if time passed but I chose to be the person who feels guilty when time passes and I haven't done anything productive.
I could be sleeping well more often than now but I chose sleepless nights to study for an exam that I wouldn't pass with outstanding marks anyway.
I could be reading tons and tons of novels I have been wishing to read but I chose to be buried in books on Human Anatomy, Surgery and even Parasitology.
I could have more free time than now but I chose this life-consuming career path just so I could earn an 'MD' after my name.

I could be in a community as a Public Health Officer but I chose the path to becoming a Doctor for the community.

In the end, I feel I have been prepared for this. Not just by my friends, mentors and my family... but by God's will. Let this be done.

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14 March 2010

Saturday Discoveries

I haven't had a real weekend since March began.
...but after two weeks of locking myself up and studying, I needed to go out... even if it meant not studying for half a day.
Yesterday, my aunt and her daughter suggested we go there for breakfast. I agreed because I was curious... after all, they were raving about it last weekend.

he Salcedo Community Market is in a park in Makati where a lot of stalls are lined up and in each stall, they sell what they want to sell, mostly food and drinks :P but I've seen a stall with bags, a stall for promoting program or whatever too.
...of course, we were there for the food. :D

I'm glad we were there in the morning and the lighting was good. My camera had a good morning exercise. :D

The market is actually a showcase of different foods from everywhere. There's French, Malaysian, Mediterranean and of course, Filipino [and don't think it's just one type of Filipino food, think North to South of the Philippine map]. :D

One famous Filipino food would be Lechon -- there was cow ('twas my first time to see that) and pig. I didn't want to shock the people who aren't used to seeing animals on a large stick so I didn't take a photo of those.

these are japanese cakes, in case you were wondering :P

fruit shakes (above); French & Mediterranean cuisine (below)

"Cotton Candy"

Walking around the market... shaded by trees... you actually forget you're in the city.
Well... not until you look up and you see the tall buildings surrounding the area. :D

We had breakfast in the picnic area (as I mentioned, it's in a park) -- there were tables and chairs and we stayed there for a while. We were about to leave when Sharon Cuneta arrived with her kid and the media men tailing her.

[Sharon Cuneta is a singer/actress in the Philippines -- now she's a host in her self-titled show, Sharon. Anyone watched Caregiver?]

That afternoon [at this point, we haven't returned home yet so I haven't studied yet], we went around to scout for a couch. 

I realized I'm drawn to odd pieces.
I like this lamp. If you don't, oh well. :P

We found a few candidates for the perfect sofa -- sofabed, actually.
The winner, I guess, is the one below.
Comfy, soft, pretty -- and definitely fits the "Asian" theme of the house that it will be staying in.

elegant and functional :)


sexylegsandbody said...

That market sounds like one can easily get lost in, love the food, really awesome, thanks for sharing and thanks for posting so many pics. It is always interesting to see pics of foreign countries, what ppl like and how they live.

Thanks for leaving a thought on my last post, really love to get your input.

I hope your studies go well and that you do well in your tests.

Have a lovely day.

jehan said...

this post reminded me it's spring time already such that i should never leave our house without our antiquated digicam... i'm looking forward for the seoul friendship day, where foreigners living here in korea showcase their countries' food, drinks and souvenir products. from last year, i really wanted to try african food and south american wines but i was alone, should something happen to me, no one could attend to me, haha...

geli, you check buhaykorea.com once in a while if you want to apply for the scholarships being offered here for filipinos...

twinsouls888 said...

Wow the pictures are lovely. I've heard a lot of raves about the Salcedo Weekend Market but I've never actually visited the place yet. I really have to find the time to visit it and indulge in those yummy , mouthwatering foods in your post ^_^

Lovely crisp clear pictures, I like it. And tnx so much for following my son's blog ahaha, appreciate it a lot ;)

Geli said...

@Colin: i hope i can get through this semester well :{

@jehan: wow!!! :D post some pics! :D would love to see them :D nakuuuu, don't be afraid... oh well, i'm adventurous kasi pag food hahahaha i'm not cautious when i'm alone :P (very bad me)... mentioning scholarships actually made me consider to study abroad for my post-grad (if i won't proceed to medicine)

@twinsouls888: thank you thank you :D you should definitely visit the Salcedo Market :D i'm kinda boyish so i like games but i realize now how old i am coz i don't know the game he loves :D

beckyxoxo said...

Seems like a great market ! And the food looks so yummy ahhhh . Haven't eaten cotton candy for such a long time ! Anyway , that sofa looks comfy :)

Golden said...

Pretty photos Geli. I hope we have that here in Baguio. I love to taste all those food (except beef).

Lots of love,

Gremliness said...

Whoa! You made me miss stall hopping back home =) especially in the food area. You reminded me Strawberry festival is actually ongoing in La Trinidad now =)
Those sorts of seasonal market encounters/ exhibits are among the nice things there =)

Lady E said...

That market is actually 2 minutes away from our office. = ) I went there a couple of times. The vegetables are beautiful but they cost an arm and a leg because they're organic so I stopped going there. I was shocked when I had to pay for 400 pesos for a cabbage, a bunch of carrots and a small bag of fresh button mushrooms. The food is good though.