what are you so freakin' busy with?

I could be employed right now but I went back to school to be a student.
I could be financially self-sufficient right now but I stayed dependent on my parent's monetary provision.
I could be the type of person who wouldn't care if time passed but I chose to be the person who feels guilty when time passes and I haven't done anything productive.
I could be sleeping well more often than now but I chose sleepless nights to study for an exam that I wouldn't pass with outstanding marks anyway.
I could be reading tons and tons of novels I have been wishing to read but I chose to be buried in books on Human Anatomy, Surgery and even Parasitology.
I could have more free time than now but I chose this life-consuming career path just so I could earn an 'MD' after my name.

I could be in a community as a Public Health Officer but I chose the path to becoming a Doctor for the community.

In the end, I feel I have been prepared for this. Not just by my friends, mentors and my family... but by God's will. Let this be done.

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30 November 2009

Sunday Story

So, I went out with my Lola (grandmother) and my cousin yesterday.
And it's a Monday holiday today for my fellow countrymen and I. :P
We went to my cousin's favorite mall.

We ate at Kitchen (in Greenbelt 3).

my Lola's order
deep-fried catfish with Jackfruit and rice. :)

my cousin is a pasta person
so she ordered fetuccini with fish fillet

and my order... was probably pretending that i was on a diet...
this is called "Seafood Diet"
It was sooo good and I was so full after this... didn't want dessert!

I wore my fave heels! :D

I love them... it's just that I can't stand too long in them :P Four hours is my limit, hahaha.
After going to church (just near the house), went back home and changed to my flats before going to the mall. :)

Check this out too!
It's great lip-synchronizing video to A Whole New World, hahaha.
To go to the site, click here.
One of the best ones I've seen since BackDormBoys! You don't know BackDormBoys? I'll post them up next time. :D

29 November 2009

Online Makeover

One of the blogs online (I don't remember what site exactly) but it led me to this Online Makeover site.

So, I checked it out and played around with hairstyles, make-up, etc.

This was before I got my haircut (with bangs) so I was experimenting if I could pull off having bangs, :P

This reminded me of my Elementary years. I got rid of my bangs when I was in Grade 5. :P

This was just for fun! Wahahaha. Still can't stop cringing when I see this!

Another banged hairstyle -- was still not convinced to get my hair banged.

This is quite cool... the online make-over site lets you apply make-up on you too so I was surprised how this turned out. :D
Still funny though... I wish I was that fair but c'mon! I won't have natural SPF with that skin tone. :P

In the end, after using the site, I was NOT convinced to have my hair banged (but I have bangs now, :P) and I had fun playing around. Hahahaha.

If interested, click here and enjoy!

26 November 2009

probably stress-eating...

Here's another chicken recipe:
(a picTUtorial)

What you'll need:

chicken (any part you want or a whole chicken)
coconut juice and coconut meat/flesh
chili leaves

This starts simple: put the chicken in a pot and turn the stove on.
I don't like to put additional oil so I cook the chicken first to let the chicken fat ooze out (which you can use to cook the garlic and onions in later).

...if you prefer to start with additional oil, put the oil first, then sautee the chopped onions and garlic when the pot and oil are hot. When it turns slightly brown, add the chicken in and let it cook (cover the pot and don't add water).

Add the coconut juice and coconut flesh when the chicken's cooked (slightly brown and no bloody parts). Cover the pot again and let the mixture boil.

*see the chicken oil floating in the 2nd picture? If you think it's too much, scoop it up and throw it out -- oil sits on top of the soup so it's easy to scoop out.

When it's boiling, add the salt (how much? depends on your taste ~ I like the soup to taste sweet but with a tinge of salt).

When you're satisfied with the taste, turn the stove off and add the chili leaves.

Do a quick mix and serve. :)

*this recipe tastes great with cooked rice


These are Kenny Roger's Roasters' muffins. It's part of the set meals when you order. My friends and I ate there one time and one of my friends couldn't eat the muffin that was on her plate so I took it, :P
I love love love their corn muffin!


Red Ribbon's White Forest Cake...

This is Black Forest Cake's sister.
Well, I think Black Forest is male-ish. :D

It's sweet ~ duh!
(but some say it's too sweet... to my sweet tooth, nothing's too sweet, hahaha)
If you don't like cherries, I don't think you'll like this. If you love cherries (like me), this is another way to enjoy eating them!

...but I think I'll still choose the masculine Black Forest over the feminine White Forest just coz Black Forest has chocolate, :P

15 November 2009

Pacquiao, Cotto and a mermaid

I am typing this in the living room, looking at the TV occasionally as I wait for Pacquiao's fight. I bet most Filipinos are sitting in front of their TV, waiting anxiously while watching the other boxing fights.

photo from pinoygigs (dot) com

I know you've heard this before but I want to post it up too...
Whenever a Pacquiao fight is on, the crime rate in the Philippines is down to zero. :D

And what I noticed right after Pacquiao fights, I'll hear conversations near the house, in school and even in the malls about the fight. Hahaha.

...but it's really nice to know that at least once in a while, the crime rate here is zero. :)

I downloaded an editing software: Meitu Xiuxiu! :D It's a free photo editing program which can be downloaded here.

It's sooo fun and cute... The problem is it's in Chinese so if you don't understand Chinese characters (like me), you'll have to feel your way around the program.
It's quite easy coz it has visual demonstrations on the side but it's annoying that I can't maximize it's potential since I don't understand the texts. I just click and click and if I like the outcome, I save it. If I don't, I do it over. :)

Xiuxiu Meitu

Oh and I received a blog award from GeekyMacBoy. Thank you so much~! :)

These are the blogs I am passing the award to:

Kandee (I love her~!)

Pass the award to 15 blogs that you love and make sure you inform all of them~! :)

I'm off to watch Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto. Enjoy the rest of the day~!

08 November 2009

What I did last night...

While watching my all-time favorite sitcom, Will and Grace (til 2 in the morning), I managed to edit some pics of my free days in Baguio (days when I didn't go to the city center)...

...and this is one of my favorites:

a pic of the 2nd* and Jill. :)

*I refer to my siblings by birth order (it's just easier, :P)

05 November 2009

A Reunion

...over pretty drinks :)

I met up with a friend I haven't seen in a very long time.
...and I freakin' passed my problem subject :P
Good night! :)

sig. from mylivesignature (dot) com

04 November 2009

50's with family

My parents, siblings and I went out for dinner.
And if you visit Baguio (in the Philippines) some time in the future, make sure to stop by here:

IIf you don't know where that is, just ride a taxi cab to get to the 50's Diner. ;)

50's burger
= ~80php

Mix Grill = 170php

and for dessert!

Banana split = 100php, I'm not sure. :)

I was soooo full.
This place is always full and is open for 24 hours. We waited for 10 minutes or so coz all the tables were occupied.

Once you enter the door, you'll notice the pinkish glow of the light bulbs that snakes the ceiling. I still can't decide if it annoys me, the food serves as a distraction! :)

Oh, and I saw these two cars before dinner:

Cool eh?

The pink one (see the gold rims? :D)

= = = = =

And check out Erica's giveaway!
She's giving away NYX lipsticks!

= = = = =

02 November 2009

A piece of me... (November '09)

This month...

I like: that I am home (even for just 2 weeks).

I don't like: that I am worrying about my grades.

I want you to know: that I have not changed my mind about my course.

I've planned: to graduate from this course and see what I'll do next after that. (To continue to Med or not?)

I want to say to someone special: Pa/Ma, I'm sorry I'm not as smart as you.

To join this game, click here. :)

~ hosted by the Toothfairy!