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I could be employed right now but I went back to school to be a student.
I could be financially self-sufficient right now but I stayed dependent on my parent's monetary provision.
I could be the type of person who wouldn't care if time passed but I chose to be the person who feels guilty when time passes and I haven't done anything productive.
I could be sleeping well more often than now but I chose sleepless nights to study for an exam that I wouldn't pass with outstanding marks anyway.
I could be reading tons and tons of novels I have been wishing to read but I chose to be buried in books on Human Anatomy, Surgery and even Parasitology.
I could have more free time than now but I chose this life-consuming career path just so I could earn an 'MD' after my name.

I could be in a community as a Public Health Officer but I chose the path to becoming a Doctor for the community.

In the end, I feel I have been prepared for this. Not just by my friends, mentors and my family... but by God's will. Let this be done.

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30 November 2009

Sunday Story

So, I went out with my Lola (grandmother) and my cousin yesterday.
And it's a Monday holiday today for my fellow countrymen and I. :P
We went to my cousin's favorite mall.

We ate at Kitchen (in Greenbelt 3).

my Lola's order
deep-fried catfish with Jackfruit and rice. :)

my cousin is a pasta person
so she ordered fetuccini with fish fillet

and my order... was probably pretending that i was on a diet...
this is called "Seafood Diet"
It was sooo good and I was so full after this... didn't want dessert!

I wore my fave heels! :D

I love them... it's just that I can't stand too long in them :P Four hours is my limit, hahaha.
After going to church (just near the house), went back home and changed to my flats before going to the mall. :)

Check this out too!
It's great lip-synchronizing video to A Whole New World, hahaha.
To go to the site, click here.
One of the best ones I've seen since BackDormBoys! You don't know BackDormBoys? I'll post them up next time. :D


Kayni said...

I haven't been to the Greenbelt malls, but the food photos look really good =). I love the shoes.

Carrie said...

The food looks delicious, esp the fetuccini with fish fillet. Sounds like something I would order :) And your shoes are also very pretty!

Toothfairy said...

your shoes are pretty!


geli-pet said...

@Carrie: you're a pasta person too :D thank you! :D

@Kayni: maybe in the future, :P thank you!

@Toothfairy: :P, thank you!

If it comes in pink said...

Those shoes are so cute:)

Srivats said...

sea food diet LOL , diet is what we think it is,isnt :) good looking shows u have :P were u taking pictures in the church and not praying LOL :)

geli-pet said...

@If it comes in pink: thank you :D thanks for droppin by. :D

@Srivats: i'm don't really follow a diet (that makes you lose weight) that's why i'm fat. hahaha. heeeey, i wasn't taking pics in the church :D i took the pic of my shoes at home :)

beckyxoxo said...

Hi dear ! How are you ? I'm back now :D What a big mall . We have a mall like that to , called Kelapa Gading Mall . There are the first mall , the second , till the fifth . Lol . Oh the food looks yum ! And lovely shoes , just like flats if I didn't see the heels . Haha . Have a nice day !

Saving Capulet said...

those heels are incredibly cute!, unfortunately my lola can no longer keep up with the air conditioning in the malls now a days so it's been forever since we went out as a whole. but Im really glad u had fun with your grama and cuz :D hope you write real soon!

Golden said...

Aww, I like how they placed the rice on your platter. Your heels are kawaii. Love them!

geli-pet said...

@beckyxoxo: hello! :D

@Saving Capulet: thank you! :D thanks for following! :D

@Golden: i love the way they present the food too :D i'll be coming home soon again! :D yay! :D

Lady E said...

I love your shoes! and the Backdorm Boys rock!