what are you so freakin' busy with?

I could be employed right now but I went back to school to be a student.
I could be financially self-sufficient right now but I stayed dependent on my parent's monetary provision.
I could be the type of person who wouldn't care if time passed but I chose to be the person who feels guilty when time passes and I haven't done anything productive.
I could be sleeping well more often than now but I chose sleepless nights to study for an exam that I wouldn't pass with outstanding marks anyway.
I could be reading tons and tons of novels I have been wishing to read but I chose to be buried in books on Human Anatomy, Surgery and even Parasitology.
I could have more free time than now but I chose this life-consuming career path just so I could earn an 'MD' after my name.

I could be in a community as a Public Health Officer but I chose the path to becoming a Doctor for the community.

In the end, I feel I have been prepared for this. Not just by my friends, mentors and my family... but by God's will. Let this be done.

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04 January 2012

Cleaning Out My Closet

It took me 3 months to finally get to fixing my room.
It's not something to be proud of -- but for the new year,
I promised I'd finish it by the first week -- and I did :)

It is the time of the year
to start fresh -- out with the old and in with the new :P

So, I cleared out some clothes from my overflowing CLOSET with simple reasons:
1. does not fit me anymore (too big or too small -- stop thinking it'll fit you someday)
2. does not look good (stop justifying to yourself that you look good with it in a certain light -- if a tiny voice in your head tells your it's fugly, it is!)
3. have never worn it for more than a year (yes, many of us are guilty of this)
4. damaged (that can't be repaired -- if it's something that you've never gotten around to repairing or getting repaired, just give it up)
5. not comfortable (itchy but looks good? throw it away; hurts but looks good? don't suffer anymore)

Really, when an organized me fought with the pack rat me, it was easier to give the clothes away. Once I placed it in the "never returning to my closet" pile, I forgot about it anyway.

For make-up and skin care products, I dumped some too:
1. expired (for some of my unlabeled products, I consulted: checkcosmetic.net)
2. funky-smelling even though it still isn't past its expiry date
3. a change in the product that isn't comfortable for you even if it still isn't expired:  it irritates you now even though it didn't before; weird tasting -- for lipgloss, lipstick, etc -- I don't eat it but I noticed it tastes weird so I threw it out; color change -- white to beige (creams, etc) or clear liquid to cloudy liquid (like in toners, etc)

some stuff I threw out :/

and then after organizing my vanity table, this is the best I could do with my limited space (I do think I need more drawers, :P but for now, I'll survive):


kayni said...

great idea, i need to do some organizing too. it's a daunting task :(.

happy new year.

Gremliness said...

Congratulations! (admittedly, I too has the dilemma of pushing back things to do :-) )

Happy Three Kings!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I hate cleaning wardrobe.